Australia Wide
Drill Repairs

We service and repair all brands of podiatry drills and a wide range of medical equipment in our Blue Mountains workshop.

We can assist with:


  • Sourcing and installing new parts

  • Manufacturing custom parts and making modifications to existing equipment

  • External warranties for suppliers

  • Subcontracting repairs for other repairers

  • Comprehensive circuitry repairs

  • Providing advice on the correct operation of equipment to maximise its lifetime and minimise clinic downtime

  • Providing advice regarding repair vs replace on equipment to help podiatrists make informed decisions

If you can deliver it to us, we'll inspect it for free!

NSW On Site Medical chair and bed repairs

We provide on site repairs for clinics and medical centers across greater Sydney and NSW.

We can help with chair and medical bed repairs and modifications including:


  • Electrical repairs

  • Mechanical and structural repairs, including welding

  • Sourcing and installing replacement parts such as actuators
  • Relocation of chairs to new premises
  • Re-upholstery

  • Custom modifications such as the manufacture and installation of foot rest catch basins or plastic guards

  • Test and tag